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Physio Treatment for Back Pain at Complete Care Health – Maddington

Woman on fancy couch with back painYour back and spine carry an enormous amount of load and are responsible for connecting all four of your limbs to the central nervous system (which is located in your spine). It is an information highway the coordinates the movement of the body along with the collection and distribution of information necessary for everyday actions.

If there is an imbalance in the musculature, coordination or sensation in different areas of the body this may result in back pain. These imbalances may be, but are not limited to, certain muscles being stronger than others, poor coordination in movement patterns or muscle activating, joint issues inhibiting optimal performance around an area, previous injuries that resulted in long-lasting deterioration or damage and reduced flexibility or increased tightness in the muscles and ligaments.

A large proportion of people with back pain work in sedentary jobs. This results in long periods of static posture (either sitting or standing) being a great cause of lower as well as upper back pain. Possible reasons for this are under-use of muscles resulting in poor postures, overuse of the incorrect muscles to compensate for weak or underused muscles and the compression of joint into extremes of their movement that can affect nerves in the back.

Treatment for Back Pain

Initially, in order to identify the cause of the back pain, the physio will discuss the location and nature of the pain with you. They may also conduct flexibility and function tests to determine the nature and the cause of the pain.

Treatment for back pain/lower back pain incorporates a large range of methods. Most common physiotherapy treatment for back pain includes soft tissues treatment, joint mobilisation and prescription of a home exercise program.

Check out for more detailed information on the treatment methods.

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